Intelligent Solutions for Regenerative Finance

PlanetaryX’s formula introduces a coordinated ecosystem of actors, quality assets, smart devices and the right amount of incentive mechanisms in order to succeed in our global Biome Conservation Goals.

Mitigating climate change
Preventing water, soil and air pollution
Curving deforestation
Preserving biodiversity

BCAs (Biome Conservation Assets)

The ultimate instrument for environmental conservation A new class of liquid and trans-jurisdictional financial instruments that represent the recurring efforts to preserve and report all the ecosystem benefits supported at protected area of any given biome on Earth.

Fully discoverable hyper-data links mean that prospective buyers of a BCA can work their way backwards across all its transparent certification process, and use it -among other things- to offset their carbon footprint.

Desert Biome
Biome Conservation Asset Certificate

Regenerative Finance Solutions for the Environment Markets

Issuer & Certifier

Teams of scientists conduct on-the-ground field plot data collection; Technology providers complement this with satellite imaging, LiDar mapping, smart object interaction and IoT integration; Local communities and independent researchers add meta-analysis.

PlanetaryX issues certificates based on these reports, that are audited by global accounting firms and securitized through local financial institutions.

AI Based Oracle

An advanced machine learning and reasoning technology that integrates the multiple data inputs, allowing it to make accurate predictions about the quality and value of BCAs.

DLT & DeFi Solutions

Blockchain-based data storage ensures transparency, efficiency and auditability.

A DeFi toolkit tokenizes BCAs by minting them into NFTs and enhances their liquidity through a variety of features.
A set of self-executing smart contracts will administrate incentives for all parties involved.

Our team

Photo of Pablo Lobo
Pablo Lobo
São Paulo, Brasil

Space vessel pilot and Founder-CEO of Sthorm. Since their very introduction, Pablo has spearheaded the use of DLTs as tools for social change. His many impact-first projects and deep understanding of local sociopolitical dynamics have established him as one of Brazil’s main trailblazers and innovators.

Photo of Scott Bagby
Scott Bagby
Ontario, Canada

Market pioneer executive with decades of experience launching cutting-edge tech products throughout the world. As one of the first employees at Skype, Scott built the team and closed the deals that grew revenue from 0 to 500 million USD in 3 years, before the company’s eventual acquisition by Microsoft for 8.5 billion USD.

Photo of Bob Richards
Bob Richards
Florida, USA

Space entrepreneur and long time NASA collaborator, Bob served as Carl Sagan’s special assistant at Cornell University and directed the Space Division of Optech, the world’s foremost developer of laser surveying and LiDAR scanning. He was one of the founders of both Space University and Singularity University.